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Pay for Apps on Play Store Using GO-PAY

By Isny Dewi R

15 Aug 2019

Now you can pay Play Store apps bill using Go-Pay.

Android users are now getting easy to make app purchases on Google Play Store. Because now you can pay Play Store apps bill using Go-Pay. This collaboration between Go-Pay and Google Play Store has become Google's first collaboration with an electronic payment platform in Indonesia.

With this new option, users can make payment (in-app purchase) directly on Google Play Store. Payment option using Go-Pay will appear in the payment method or when making an app purchase transaction. Previously, aside from using a credit card, app purchase could be done by credit cut method, or using Google Pay Credit.

Currently, Indonesian who make purchases in app stores like Play Store are quite potential. According to research from We Are Social and Hootsuite in a 2019 report, in 2018 total mobile app spending reached 313.6 million US dollars. The most popular in-app purchase on the Play Store is gaming app. Earlier this year, transaction growth for gaming apps on Google Play Store has reached up to 16.8%.

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