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PayLater Features You Need to Know

By Isny Dewi R

18 June 2019

PayLater is a credit limit payment method.

Lately, you may often see PayLater feature milling on several digital payment platforms such as OVO and GO-PAY, including Traveloka. But do you know what PayLater is? This feature provides an opportunity for users to be able to buy something and pay for it later. You could say PayLater is a credit limit payment method that is offered by an applicator where users can pay in instalments per month. Following are PayLater features in Indonesia that you must know.

1. Traveloka
This booking app offers PayLater feature for purchasing flight ticket, hotel room, food and beauty, but not for bill payments and connectivity products. You can pay off the payment within 12 months without additional fee with a limit of up to Rp 10 million and a minimum transaction of Rp 50,000.

Choice of payment methods can be through Uangku, credit card and debit card. Before using PayLater from Traveloka, make sure you meet a number of requirements, such as age between 21 - 70 years old, Indonesian citizen, and already have a valid e-KTP.

If your PayLater is approved, just activate your account and you can make an order. Open Traveloka and select the product you want to buy. On the payment page, select PayLater. Select payment planning and payment method, then enter the verification code. The transaction is complete.

2. OVO
The PayLater feature of OVO allows users to transact at selected merchants and pay at the end of the month with no extra cost. Users can pay it for a period of 30 days after the item is purchased. Payments can be made via OVO app, some OVO merchants, and supermarkets. The payment process using PayLater is quite fast. Less than one minute to confirm user credit payment. The verification and activation process takes approximately one hour.

The minimum credit is Rp 10,000 and a maximum of Rp 10 million. The plan, starting in July 2019, OVO PayLater will add an installation feature so that users can buy item by instalments OVO PayLater has also become one of the payment options on Tokopedia, except for credit instalments, donations, zakat, e-money top up, mutual funds and gold.

GO-JEK's PayLater is a payment method for selected customers, where you can order GO-FOOD service now and pay at the end of the month. Currently the PayLater feature is only available for GO-FOOD service. It's easy! You only need to order GO-FOOD, and choose PayLater as the payment method.

All the usual benefits you get from GO-PAY such as discounts, vouchers, and fixed promos will you get when pay using Paylater. However, make sure your GO-PAY balance are enough to pay your PayLater bill before the end of the month. Just as having a credit card without a card, users will be billed according to the set time along with additional administrative fee.

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