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Spoiled by Peranakan Dish for 24 Hours at Waha Kitchen

Spoiled by Peranakan Dish for 24 Hours at Waha Kitchen

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If you enjoy Peranakan dish and happen to be around Thamrin or Tanah Abang area, Waha Kitchen can be the perfect choice. Located on the ground floor of Kosenda Hotel, makes this restaurant can be visited any time because they open 24 hours every day.

Waha Kitchen, which offers Peranakan and Southeast Asian dish, is a work of a Melbourne and Sydney restaurant expert, so you will also find breakfast menu with Melbourne style here. Such as Egg Benedict, Egg Florentine, and Avocado Bircher Muesli, which can be enjoyed from 6 am to 11 am.

Spoiled with the beauty of its artsy interior design with high ceiling and the comfort of its sofa will make you want to stay longer.

You can start with choices of favorite appetizer such as Bujan, Crispy Spring Rolls, or Rice Paper Roll. Entering the main course, try their choices of signature laksa menu from Chicken Laksa, Roasted Duck Laksa, or Seafood Laksa.

Besides that, you can also order Nyonya Style Fish, Chili Crab, Fish Head Curry, or Mango Crispy Chicken that are perfect for accompanying Hainanese Steamed Rice with Nyonya Style Chap Cai. Noodle menu like Waha Lommie, Gravy Noodles, and Char Kway Teow can also be enjoyed.

Sweeten your tongue with various desserts, there are Lemongrass Crème Caramel, Waha Ice Kachang, or just ask what is the ‘Cake of the Day’ to Waha Kitchen’s staff. How about the beverages?

Don’t worry, selections of tea, coffee, juice, milkshake, mocktails, to beer are available here. Or you can sip some special tea or wine served by 127 Café, that is merged with Waha Kitchen. Hmm… yummy!


Jalan KH Wahid Hasyim No.127, Jakarta Pusat

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