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Perfect combination of Italian and Japanese at Savior of Pakubuwono

By Isny Dewi R

20 September 2019

Savior of Pakubuwono. is an Italian-inspired restaurant with a touch of Japanese hospitality.

Another restaurant in Pakubuwono neighborhood that you should visit, Savior (SAV / OR) of Pakubuwono. As an Italian-inspired restaurant with a touch of Japanese hospitality, this relatively new restaurant is here to pamper customers with a variety of delicious dishes ranging from brunch, pasta, to homemade grilled food.

Entering the room, you will be amazed by the large dining room that surrounds the tree in the middle enclosed in glass. This restaurant is perfect for solo dining, dining with your partner or with friends. There is also a bar along the entrance. The color of the furniture with its neat lines and sharp corners is a symbol of Japanese design. The atmosphere is so comfortable it’s just right for relaxing.

Savior of Pakubuwono serves food that 'marries' the taste of Italian food with Japanese sensibility. There are many menu they offer, ranging from Everything About Eggs, Signature Salads, Fresh Pastas, Prime Cuts, Selections From The Sea, Light Dessert, to Japanese Bar Foods Menu.

Photo Source: Instagram @savior_pakubuwono

One highly recommended dish is Parpadelle Pulled Smoked Wagyu Beef Ragu in Vino Rosso Sauce (Rp 140 thousand). This menu is a freshly made pasta paired with abundant Ragu. Don't ask about taste, it's so delicious! For dessert, you should try Amarulla Tiramisu (Rp. 65,000) with light, creamy taste, and a little extra alcohol. Or try Gelato (Rp. 40,000) made by Savior using real fruit, nuts, chocolate, milk and cream.

If this weekend you don't have a plan yet, Savior of Pakubuwono is the right choice for you to visit, and enjoy the warm atmosphere accompanied by very appetizing dishes. Happy weekend!


Top Photo Source: Instagram @savior_pakubuwono

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Savior of Pakubuwono
Jl. Pakubuwono VI No.51, Gunung, Kby. Baru, Jakarta Selatan

Open Hours:

Sun – Thu: 07.00 – 00.00, Fri & Sat: 07.00 – 01.00 WIB