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Perfect Place to Get Reasonably Prices Wine and Spirits

By Eskanisa R

09 Jul 2019

Red & White, place for reasonably prices wine and spirits.

It is not surprisingly if Jakarta has everything you need include wine and spirits shops. Red & White is an ideal destination for both collectors and wine or spirits enthusiasts. Plenty of choices when it comes to a bottle of wine or other spirits, Red & White even has unusual products with reasonable prices, both become reasons why people love to visit Red & White.


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You can easily find Red & White outlets in big malls, such as the newest outlet in Gandaria City Mall. They also has simple version, named Red & White Express which is located in leading supermarkets in Indonesia.


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In each outlet, pleasant yet homey ambience will welcome you. It can be seen from perfect lighting,  feels so warm like inviting you to come to a ‘home’, strolling around while finding your all-time favourite wine and spirits.


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Red & White offers ‘Moments’, a perfect solution to make your private events, like birthday party, wedding or even corporate event more memorable. They also serves special request from choosing perfect type of wine or spirits for your private event, consultation on perfect light-bites match your beverages to deliver it for free to the specific venue.