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Perfect Places for Iced Milk Coffee in Cipete

By Eskanisa R

21 June 2019

Perfect coffee shops in Cipete.

It would be great if you can sip cold, creamy, refreshing es kopi susu (iced milk coffee) right after work. Well, in Cipete, you can find some coffee shops offer tasty milk coffee. Come and stop by!

1. Animo Bread Culture

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Besides known for its decent pastries, Animo Bread Culture also known for its Animo Iced Milk Coffee and Iced Moka Coffee. Compared with other milk coffees, this one taste more creamy and sweet, perfect for accompanying your choice of pastry, bread or cake.

For any fan of croissants, you should not miss the almond and cheese ones. For pastry, there are various of Danish, such as strawberry, blueberry and raisin. If you are not pastry enthusiasts, there are also cakes, quiche and brownies. Here, you would not running out of ideas, because everything looks so mouth-watering.

Animo Bread Culture

Address: Jl. Cipete 1 No. 6A, Fatmawati, South Jakarta



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This little, newest coffee shop in Cipete also does not want to pass current coffee trend. Iced Milk Coffee of AL’CAL COFFEE taste slightly different, perfect for new coffee enthusiasts. It has balance composition of coffee and milk. You can taste bitterness of coffee in good way while milk taste sweet. Such a perfect moodbooster!


Address: Jl. Cipete Dalam No. 4B, Fatmawati, South Jakarta

Open: 8am – 10pm


3. Kedai Kopi Tenong

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The name itself sounds so unique, as well as the ambience. Once, you are walking through this coffee shop, the vintage vibes will immediately follow. Kedai Kopi Tenong offers you es kopi susu (iced milk coffee) made by authentic Indonesian coffee beans. It tastes refreshing, with moderate sweetness of milk. The acidity of coffee and sweetness of milk are balance. For non-coffee beverages, you should try Iced Salted Caramel Latte or Teh Tolak Angin (herbal medicine) perfect to keep your body fit.

Kedai Kopi Tenong

Address: Jl. Cipete Raya No. 8A, Fatmawati, South Jakarta

Open: 8am – 10pm



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