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Perfect Way to Enjoy Cold Brew at Stumpy Coffee

By Eskanisa R

17 July 2019

Special cold brew from Stumpy Coffee in Thamrin.

Stumpy Coffee such an ideal place to immerse yourself with special treat, cold brew. For those busy bees around Thamrin area, Stumpy Coffee known for its friendly atmosphere with comfortable interior design. Minimalist design of this modest coffee shop topped with wooden ornaments make you feel like at home while killing time for coming back to the office or waiting for traffic right after work.


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What makes cold brew of Stumpy Coffee different from other kind of coffee? They brew his coffee with cold water so the (temperature) heat used to brew common coffee did not ruin acidity content in the coffee. That is why their cold brew taste light and special.


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They only serve cold beverages, such as best seller Heritage Stumpy, iced coffee with salted caramel and Latte Zest, iced coffee with milk and lemon zest. For those non-coffee enthusiasts should try Fresh Lemonade which ready to pamper your taste buds. Both coffee and non-coffee enthusiasts have no regret to come to this coffee shop.


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Do not miss their homemade giant cookies to balance taste of your coffee or Lemonade. Its aroma and taste surely make you want for more and more. Well, if you are passing Soedarpo Informatika Building area, just stop by and relax for a while at Stumpy Coffee.

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Stumpy Coffee
Soedarpo Informatika Building Jl. Blora No. 32, Thamrin, Jakarta

More Information:

Phone: 081382657671