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Periscope Newest Innovation

Periscope Newest Innovation


Some innovations have been developed by Periscope. This application is now letting users to upload videos with landscape format. This company, which is also a part of Twitter, said that this new innovation for iOS and Android device has been long awaited. Users can still watch landscape videos in portrait format, but with smaller size and adjusted with the size of your device screen size.

Periscope also adds ‘share context’ feature, where users can know who is watching the video with them. When opening a video, there will be a small indicator on the bottom side to let you know who else has joined to watch the video.

For Android device, Periscope will let the users to access stream in a group privately. This feature will also be implemented to iOS device. This innovation by Periscope will make the competition of live streaming applications getting tougher, following the launch of Mentions apps by Facebook.