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The Nation’s Financial Locomotive

By Victoria Tunggono

01 December 2015

Pertamina The Nation’s Financial Locomotive

This state-owned company engaged in a field of energy that includes oil, gas and new energy. Having experience from more than 56 years, Pertamina always put the clients’ needs first in order to participate in giving added value to the nation’s progress and welfare.

Pertamina manages the business of petroleum and natural gas from upstream to downstream. From taking the natural resources to process it into the consumer products, Pertamina organizes it all. To support the upstream sectors business such as exploration, production and transmission of oil and gas, Pertamina also engages on the technology service business, as well as the drilling.

The exploration and production activities of oil and natural gas are fully carried out in the country and the results are for the country too. For the downstream sectors, Pertamina activities include the crude oil processing, marketing and trading of oil products, gas, and petrochemicals—as well as the shipping business for the distribution of products. The processing activity is divided into several sections covering the entire territory of Indonesia, so that the distribution can be even.

As one of the major industrial economy players that holds an important role in the country, Pertamina became one of the main targets for job seekers. Many people want a career in here and be a part of Pertamina. Based on data from Jobplanet, Pertamina is considered to provide many benefits and high salary for its employees.

In addition, Pertamina offers open career opportunities for all staffs. That's why the hiring selection is fairly tight, considering the worker enthusiasts at Pertamina are numerous and come from all over Indonesia. Are you one of them?

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