Phablet Rarely Mentioned Often to Used

Phablet Rarely Mentioned Often to Used


Maybe you often heard or said the words like: smartphone and tablet. And it means you have known the definition. But how about phablet? Have you ever heard or said it?

Phablet is a combination word from phone and tablet. The definition itself, based on Wikipedia, is a device designed with a size of smartphone and tablet. Basically, a phablet has a screen size of 130mm to 180mm. Its function merges the telephone and tablet’s. So you will get the feature of a tablet with the same function as a  smartphone.

The example of phablet is Samsung Galaxy Note and iPhone 6 Plus. Even though this phablet terminology is still rare being spoken, but people have already this kind of gadget. For example, people in Jakarta keep mentioning phablet as a smartphone. Even though the phablet’s capability is more than just a common smartphone. Not only with its big screen which will give you better visual, but also the bigger data load and more sophisticated hardware. So overall, the phablet existence is to overcome people’s needs for tablet with a handheld size which easy to be brought everywhere.