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Pick and Eat Your Harvest at Warso Farm

By Eskanisa R

30 January 2020

Satisfying weekend gateway with enjoy affordable yet delicious durian at Warso Farm Bogor.

During durian season like this month (December – May), you probably still unsatisfied with quality of durian you find in the nearest supermarket. It simply means, you need to free weekend time to come and visit Warso Farm at Jalan K. H. Halimni, Cijeruk, Bogor which has 900 best varieties including seven superior varieties such as Petruk and Monthong.

Right after you safely arrived at this farm, you can choose most mouth-watering one you really like, taste the samples, and bring back home. Warso Farm offering affordable prices for local and International durian start from Rp30.000.

Staff of Warso Farm will pick your chosen durian, give you samples, and serve it for you. Sensation of harvesting your favourite durian from the farm definitely priceless. Along with that, you can taste durian dishes such as juice, soup, and fried ones while strolling the farm to find perfect ones. You can also taste another fruit as well as durian like dragon fruit.

Warso Farm also provides child-friendly facilities like playground and outbound areas. This destination in Bogor which open daily from 7 am to 5 pm can be easily accessed via Jagorawi toll (from Jakarta) or Cihideung (from Bogor). Do not forget to ask them before come to find latest information of your favourite durian.



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Warso Farm
K. H. Halimi, Desa Cihideung, Kelurahan Cipelang, Cijeruk, Bogor

Open Hours:

07.00 – 17.00 WIB

More Information:

Phone: (0251) 211344