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It’s Time to Go Hairless!

It’s Time to Go Hairless!

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Having a beautiful skin is every woman’s dream. But make sure you choose a trusted beauty service to ensure the hygiene and safety for woman’s skin. Try the treatments in Pink Parlour! Their international quality service will satisfy you.

Pink Parlour is a beauty salon specializing in waxing and nail treatment. They offer cleanliness and safe service and already have Antibacterial Certificate for all of their stores. Every month, they conduct anti-bacterial fogging to prevent any bacteria in every corner. The antibacterial treatment is also for the treatment tools such as towel and shaving knife, which always be heated with maximum temperature after it had been used for customer treatment. After that, all the tools are also sterilized with alcohol and stored in proper temperature.

Not only that, Pink Parlour also has 13 awards, such as the newest one from the luxury lifestyle magazine in Singapore, Singapore Tatler’s Best of Singapore for Grooming. Until now, Pink Parlour already opens 3 stores in Indonesia and also available in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. So, there’s no doubt for the quality.


Pacific Place Lantai LG Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.52-53 Kota Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12190


(021) 51400627

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