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Pioneer of Healthy Food, Beverages, and Cosmetic Needs

By Eskanisa R

30 January 2020

Toko Organic, pioneer of healthy food, beverages, and cosmetic needs.

Nowadays, people more aware to consume healthy food which are free from chemicals. If you are interested to try healthy food, one of organic shop provides all natural and healthy food you need to visit is Toko Organic.


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Toko Organic is a pioneer of natural and healthy food, beverages, and cosmetic which opened second branches at The Breeze, BSD since 2019. Here, you can easily find organic honey, oats, cookies, chia seeds, Himalayan salts, Shirataki Konyaku Rice, raw almonds, olive oil, tea, soy sauce, body soaps, hair coloring, shampoo to deodorants made free of chemicals at affordable prices start from Rp12.000.


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Toko Organic also facilitates seminars and workshops provide knowledge about healthy lifestyle among communities. If you do not have time to come and shop, you can order various needs through this link. Stay your healthy life with Toko Organic!

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Toko Organic
BSD The Breeze L – 16 (masuk lewat Burgreens)

Open Hours:

10.00 – 21.30 WIB

More Information:


Phone: 08111087123