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Places in Jakarta that are Perfect for Cycling (Part 2)

By Isny Dewi R

13 August 2020

Recommendation for the most convenient cycling locations besides Sudirman - Thamrin.

Photo source: Pexels
Are you planning to cycle with your friends or alone this weekend? If so, maybe the following recommendation for the most convenient cycling locations can help you pick the best route besides Sudirman - Thamrin.
1. PIK 2 Bridge
One of the locations that are currently become a favorite of cyclists in the capital is PIK 2 bridge. How not? This bridge is built over the waters of Jakarta Bay, making your riding moment different from other locations. In addition, this bridge is not yet open to the public, but it is possible to cross it for cycling. If you are interested in cycling to the PIK 2 Bridge, we recommend you to come in the afternoon because you can see the charming sunset view here.
Photo source: Instagram @nan_dito1
2. Jakarta International Velodrome
The sports arena which is located in the Rawamangun area, East Jakarta is also becoming a favorite spot for cycling enthusiasts. Because it is in the sports arena, you can cycle freely here without fear of any cars or motorcycles passing. To be able to cycle in the Jakarta International Velodrome park area, you don't need to pay anything, it’s free.
Photo source: Instagram @wibisono.ari
3. Alam Sutera
This one is not in Jakarta, but you should try to cycling here! Why? Because this area is equipped with special bicycle paths, and the most pleasant thing is that there are so many shady trees growing along the street, so it provides cool air and you will not feel hot at all. No wonder this residential area is one of the favorite locations for cycling in Tangerang city.

Photo source: Check In Jakarta doc. / Isny

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