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Plants for You Who Want to Gardening at Home

By Isny Dewi R

28 July 2020

Plants, both vegetable and ornamental plants, that are easy to planted at home.

Photo source: Pixabay
Gardening become one of the hobbies or new activities that are favored by people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides being able to beautify the house, gardening also provides other benefits where people can stock up on their own vegetable needs without having to buy. In fact, a number of studies have found that gardening also has a positive impact on mental health.
Quoted from CNN Indonesia, hydroponic activist, Ika Ardhi revealed an increase in sales of plant seeds during the pandemic. He also felt that himself at his plant shop, Pusat Tanaman Hias Citra Raya.
If you are interested in start to gardening, here are plants, both vegetable and ornamental plants, that are easy to planted at home.
1. Water Spinach
Water spinach is the most preferred type of plant for people to planted at home, because of the easy way to plant it. Water spinach can also grow anywhere and is resistant to pests.
"Water spinach can be planted without fertilizer. Even if eaten by grasshoppers, new shoots will still grow," Ardhi told CNN Indonesia.
Water spinach is a fast growing vegetable plant. It only takes around 3 – 4 weeks to harvest it after you sow the seeds. You can harvest water spinach many times if you leave the roots.
2. Mustard Greens
Although not as easy as water spinach, but mustard greens such as pakcoy or caisim are also easily planted by beginners. However, you must be patient waiting for new mustard shoots, because it takes about two months. While within this time, you can harvest water spinach.
3. Spinach
Spinach is a vegetable with fast harvest time. From seedling time, you can harvest spinach for about 30 – 40 days. However, according to Ardhi, treatment for spinach is tricky. Spinach is vulnerable to rotten. That is caused by fungi that can grow due to unsterile gardening equipment, unfiltered water, and lack of oxygen in the roots. This condition can be resolved by sterilizing hydroponic installations and removing plants that have been infected with fungi.
4. Sansivera
For type of ornamental plants, Ardhi suggested to plant Sansivera or Lidah Mertua. This plant can be planted on soil media with a mixture of sand. Maintenance is also easy because you don't need to water it frequently.
5. Bambu Rezeki
This plant is named "rezeki" because the myth says it can provides good luck. Bambu Rezeki is classified as an ornamental plant that can provide unique touch if placed in your home.
This plant is available in various sizes, ranging from small to big. Small Bambu Rezeki is usually bound to form a cylinder and then placed on the table. While the big ones are generally woven and placed in the corner of the room.

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