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Fine Dining

Plataran Dharmawangsa Resemble a Traditional Royal Javanese

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01, March 2019

Situated in the elite residential neighbourhood of Kebayoran Baru, along Jalan Dharmawangsa where The Dharmawangsa Jakarta is located, Plataran Dharmawangsa presents authentic Indonesian cuisine within an atmosphere of Javanese royalty. Since its inception, the restaurant has consistently received recognition and awards, including ‘Best Indonesian Restaurant in Jakarta’ by the prestigious Indonesia Tatler, and is the choice dining venue for Jakarta’s high society and expatriate crowd.

Designed to resemble a traditional royal Javanese family compound, Plataran Dharmawangsa includes a 150-year-old wooden heritage Joglo house, wooden Javanese pavilions, a prayer house aged more than 50 years old, and an elegant glass-roofed conservatory, overlooking a beautiful tempo doeloe style garden that is characteristic of houses in this exclusive area.

Offering a collection of unique spaces and seating for up to 200 guests, Plataran Dharmawangsa is a sophisticated setting for special occasions, from private celebrations to wedding receptions and corporate events, where patrons can dine within traditional Indonesian interiors, or semi al fresco surrounded by lush greenery.

The Plataran Dharmawangsa dining area is splits into four different rooms. Sedap Malam (main dining room), Melati (conservatory room), Kenanga (semi-outdoor room) and Kantil (a separate authentic Limasan house). Those who wish to soak themselves in the ambience of Javanese royalty would do well to dine in Sedap Malam room.

Photo Source: https://www.plataran.com/venues-dining/plataran-dharmawangsa

No food is too plebeian here. The pull of the establishment is the selection of dependable and familiar Indonesian dishes. Like Bola-Bola Cokro (Rp 79.000), deep-fried chicken squid balls served with peanut sauce. Or Ayam Dharmawangsa (Rp 129.000), one of Plataran Dharmawangsa signatures menu features chicken high scallopini topped with union mango slaw, pomelo, with sweet and sour spicy sauce. The taste is so fresh!

For those who like spicy, you should try Dendeng Batokok (Rp 179.000) which is also Plataran’s signature dish The air-dried beef are spiced with traditional Sumatran relish, where it originally comes from. The beef slices are so crispy and tasty, you can enjoy them with or without rice, spicy enough for the kick.

The drink menu is no less tempting, such as Es Cincau Hijau Lychee (Rp 49.000), Es Tiga Warna (Rp 52.000), Es Dawet Nangka (Rp 49.000), Homemade Bir Pletok (Rp 55.000), and the restaurant signature drink Dharmawangsa Delight (Rp 42.000).

Plataran Dharmawangsa is one the top-drawer establishments in the south that offers an extensive and exclusive dining experience. Result of the combination of the charming venue, terrific food and attentive service that cemented the restaurant’s royalty status.


Website: https://www.plataran.com/venues-dining/plataran-dharmawangsa

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.