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Playing with Animals at Kuntum Farmfield

By Eskanisa R

11 October 2019

Kuntum Farmfield, educative agrotourism in Bogor.

Another educational attraction in Bogor you should visit with entire family this weekend, Kuntum Farmfield. Kuntum Farmfield is a friendly recreation spot for family with unique concept of agrotourism.

Kuntum Farmfield also perfect combination of animal husbandry, agriculture, plantations and fisheries in an ‘appealing package’ especially for children. Here, the entire family are invited to interact with livestock, to do plant and harvest corps freely.


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Like a big home with spacious garden, in front of Kuntum Farmfield (lobby) you can find plants and fish ponds as well as fish spa spot for relaxation. Walking through the lobby, carrot and cabbage are welcoming your visit as well as goats and lambs.


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You can also ask your children to give milk to goats and lambs as well as feed rabbit and marmot. There are also bird areas which inhabited by geese, ducks, and other poultry. Need more challenging activities? Continue your journey with horseback.


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Guided by professional staff, Kuntum Farmfield shows you how to take care horses properly from bathing to massaging those big animals. While interacting with animals, creativity of your children also trained through coloring caping (conical hat).

Bunch of interesting activities at Kuntum Farmfield can be closed by buying plant seeds you can plan at home starts from Rp10.000. Kuntum Farmfield opens daily from 8 am to 6 pm. Click here to find more information about ticket price and other facilities you can enjoy at Kuntum Farmfield.

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Kuntum Farmfield
Jalan Raya Tajur No. 291, Bogor

Open Hours:

08.00 – 18.00 WIB