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Pointr An Indoor Navigator

Pointr An Indoor Navigator


With the development of internet-based technology nowadays, it is estimated that in the future, equipment such as cars, refrigerator, and air conditioner can communicate with its owner. If this is really going to happen, life can be more efficient. Based on those thoughts, Pointr, a program from Istanbul, Turkey, is here to make our life a step further.

Pointr’s initial concept is designed by the CEO, Ismael Ege Akpinar, in 2013. Previously, Pointr was made as a technology development agency that worked together with clients, especially who associated with indoor positioning and navigation. A year later, this startup changed their focus to create a digital solution independently.

Pointr is an indoor navigation program which focused in several fields such as aviation, retail, and exhibition. Later, Pointr can be accessed through Android and iOS devices. The way Pointr works is similar with Google Maps. The difference is, if Google Maps navigates users to a building, Pointr will be your navigator inside the building.

Right now, Pointr is still intended for B2B companies, such as airport. With using Pointr, passengers can find gate, shops, and baggage inside a complicated airport building. Airlines can also use Pointr to give more personal experience, such as greeting passengers by their names. The more interesting part is Pointr no longer needs Wi-Fi and prefers Bluetooth connection which claimed to be more accurate for navigation feature.