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 Pokemon is Coming to Real Life

Pokemon is Coming to Real Life


Nintendo, The Pokémon Company, and Niantic will release Pokémon GO which is an augmented-reality game for smartphone in 2016. Pokémon GO will present Pokémon in real life where players can play the game while exploring places wherever they walk. When the radar in the apps finds a Pokémon, players can fight and catch them.

This is a free game with in-app purchase. To add more excitement in Pokémon GO, Nintendo has also developed and will release an extra device soon called Pokémon GO Plus, it is a wristlet connected to the smartphone through Bluetooth. With this device, players can catch Pokémon without having to access their smartphone.

Before that, The Pokémon Company had released several apps for mobile devices such as Pokémon: Say Tap in 2011 and Pokémon Creature Encyclopedia in 2012. The developer still has not given more information about Pokémon GO. We will just wait and see their new innovation which has been long awaited by the Pokémon fans to be real.