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PopStar Easily Connect Influencers and Brand Owners

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20, November 2019

The development of technology has a big influence on business world. Slowly but surely, now business people are starting to turn to digital system. Business people are now increasingly spoiled by digital platforms that can help develop their businesses, one of which is PopStar, an influencer marketing platform in Southeast Asia.

PopStar comes with the aim of connecting brands and influencers in one place. Where the brand owner will not find difficulties in finding and choosing the right influencers, then connecting influencers and managing them for a campaign. This platform also helps influencers to be able to channel their passion and skill as content creators so they can develop social influence on social media.

Considering the large amount of digital influence, many business people have begun to look at online advertising as the main platform to promote their business. Many of the world's top brands have done this digital (online) business strategy, such as Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola and many more. One of online business strategies is to use influencer service in introducing your products.

In running a business, you are required to determine your target market in accordance with the products offered. PopStar as a platform that focuses on micro-influencers, can help business people or brand owners to direct their promotions to the right target market.

Not only that, developing a business has become more flexible by using PopStar as an influencer marketing platform. This means that you as a business person can easily adjust your budget and PopStar can help you find the right influencer in accordance with the needs of your brand and the campaign you will do.

Website: influencers.pop-star.me

Instagram: @popstar_me

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.