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Popular Betawi Restaurant in the Edge of Jakarta

By Eskanisa R

05 March 2020

Warung Betawi Bang Be'eng, popular Betawi restaurant in Depok.

Offering Betawi dishes which have cultural values, this one of Betawi Restaurant is not less popular among other modern restaurants. You can taste delightful Betawi dishes at Warung Betawi Bang Be’eng at affordable prices.

In the modest layout of Betawi restaurant, just like a yard which transformed as dining place with long tables and chairs, people are lining up at Warung Betawi Bang Be’eng especially when lunch time coming. What makes people are willingly lining up?

Along with sayur asem (tamarind vegetable soup) which is popular among Betawi food enthusiasts, Warung Betawi Bang Be’eng also offering you rarely soup named sayur besan. In Betawi culture, sayur besan served for special event like wedding reception. It has very deep meaning that symbolizes highest respect for the bride and grooms parents.


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Sayur besan itself is a soup made of coconut milk with sugar cane of eggs, potatoes, glass noodles, petai (stink beans) and ebi (shrimp). Along with sayur besan, other dishes are guarantee to make you satisfy are pecak gurame (frying fish served with spicy soup), pepes ikan mas (Cyprinus carpio in banana leaves), tumis oncom (stir-fried soybean), tumis teri, tongkol balado (spicy mackerel tuna), ikan gabus (snakehead fish) and bakwan udang (fritter made of shrimp).

No need to worry, to taste those dishes which have a lot of cultural values, Warung Betawi Bang Be’eng offering affordable delicacy start from Rp10.000. Are you curious? Warung Betawi Bang Be’eng open daily starts from 8am to 7pm, so you can come right after work to taste the deliciousness of authentic Betawi dishes.



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Warung Betawi Bang Be'eng
Jalan Kp. Kandang Duren Seribu No. 50, Duren Seribu, Bojongsari, Depok, Jawa Barat 16518

Open Hours:

08.00 – 17.00 WIB

More Information:

Phone: 081316923897