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POST Bookshop, an Independent Bookstore

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18, February 2019

Pasar Santa in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta is known as one of the spots for young people in Jakarta. The market that was booming in 2015 is still crowded today. Many stalls you can find here. From daily basic needs stalls, to bookstores. Yes, at Pasar Santa you can also find bookshops. But not just ordinary bookstores. One of them is POST Bookshop, an independent bookstore.

The bookshop at Pasar Santa upper floor has a great design that will indulges your eyes. With minimalist interiors and soothing jazz music, book lovers will love this place.

As an independent book store, POST is certainly different from most bookstores. This bookstore that has been around since 2014 sells selected books with limited stock. All books are from three shop founders, they are Teddy, Maesy, and their friend Nissa. These books come from independent publishers and can’t be found at regular bookstores.

In addition to domestic independent books, the POST Bookshop also sells imported books. Shop owners often hunting for imported books. As for domestic books, owners usually already knowing several indie publishers well who are love to giving information about their latest books.

Photo Source: @post_santa

Don't be surprised if POST doesn't have books catalogue, because imported books the movements are so fast, at most they provide only three to five imported books. Although the POST Bookshop does not provide so many books, the books here are available in various genres. It’s because the founders have different tastes.

Interestingly, this bookstore also sells used books where the proceeds of the sale will be used to treat wild cats that live around Pasar Santa. Not only selling books, sometimes POST Bookshops also hold various events such as book reviews, writing workshop, launching latest books, and discussing, as a public space for book lovers.


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Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani