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Post-Flood House Renovation with GraRenov

By Isny Dewi R

15 January 2020

Gradana and RenovAsik are working together to provide solutions for houses repair after the flood for people who need renovation costs below Rp. 100 million.

Floods in the Greater Jakarta area that lasted for several days in early 2020 now leave several problems that must be faced by people. The impact of the flood caused damage to buildings and property assets such as houses, business spaces such as stalls and kiosks, especially those belonging to the community.

Gradana, one of the companies that paid attention to post-flood recovery, comes to help the community. According to the property-specific peer to peer lending company, the biggest homework after the flood was over is repairing damage to the building.

Damages that usually occur in buildings affected by flood such as cracked walls, broken and dirty ceramic floors, broken ceilings, jamb damage, etc. Of course the owners need additional costs to renovate their property.

Gradana and RenovAsik are working together create a program called GraRenov to provide solutions for houses and business spaces repair after the flood for people who need renovation costs below Rp. 100 million. Post-flood renovations are usually associated with raising and strengthening building materials to prevent flood later.

For this flood season, GraRenov free up admin fee and charges 0% interest for people whose homes have been flooded. This is because Gradana and RenovAsik do not want people to feel financially burdened when they have to renovate their homes or business spaces.

RenovAsik and Gradana collaboration is also based on solutions for consumers in real terms, one of which is by not providing collateral requirements for renovation loan. Usually, financial institutions such as banks and rural banks (Bank Perkreditan Rakyat) ask for collateral, which is certainly quite burdensome for prospective borrowers, especially if they are flood victims whose houses must be renovated immediately.

The GraRenov renovation program specifically for flood victims is valid until 31 January 2020 and is intended for property owners who live in the Greater Jakarta area. For more information, you can WhatsApp to this number 0811-1899-188.

Top Picture Source: Instagram @renovasik

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