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A Perfect Place for a Perfect Steak

Spectr News Theme Victoria Tunggono
10, March 2016

The name of Potato Head Garage may not sound strange for you. Yup! After the famous Potato Head Beach Club located in Bali, they open the Potato Head Garage in Jakarta with a concept of restaurant and bar. Or to be precise, Potato Head Garage has a classic steakhouse concept where you can taste the quality steak dishes here. The secret is in the wood fire grill they use to cook the steaks.

The unique taste lies on the combination of the charcoal and rambutan wood as the fire source. They serve tenderloin, strip loin, rib eye, and also the high quality steaks such as the Hokkaido Wagyu Strip Loin, Miyazaki Strip Loin, and Saga Wagyu Rib Eye. The three latter menu use imported beef with high grades from Japan. Enjoying the steak here, you can ask for additional side dishes and sauces. The delicacy will stay long on your tongue.

Upon entering this restaurant, your attention will be centered to the big sized bar in the middle of the restaurant. You can also enjoy whiskies, cocktails, or mojitos. Trust their mixologist to give you a fantastic drink. This restaurant is built on a 2,000 mland with a vintage European style and imported antique furniture. The chandeliers on the ceilings add more luxury to Potato Head Garage.

The place is spacious and the location is strategic, which makes Potato Head Garage often made as venue for fun events. If you want to hold a business lunch, romantic dinner, or hangout with friends, Potato Head Garage serves as the right place!

Victoria Tunggono
Victoria Tunggono