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Poze, an Instagramable Photography Museum in Neo Soho

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22, November 2019

Finding Instagramable photo spots in Jakarta is now even easier. Starting from the spot on the road side to the shopping center, you can find interesting places to take pictures. One of them, which recently opened, Poze, the first photography museum with immersive technology in Indonesia, managed by WOW marketing company in collaboration with professional photographer Mario Photographie.

Poze's immersive technology allows visitors to choose a variety of thematic photo spots that eliminate the boundary between the digital and real world. Here visitors can take photos like a model who's doing a photoshoot, complete with lighting, design, to angle that set directly by Mario.

Poze X Mario Photographie carries the theme "Her Dream World". Mario said, the concept he used is the concept of glamorous, virtual, and simulative photography for visitors. Several camera technologies are used to realize this concept, including slow-motion, motion, motion selfie, and light painting. The third camera installation is usually used on the red carpet. And in Poze you can try it.

There are also five installations that are not less interesting. Before entering the five installations, visitors first pass through a dark hallway that looks like a maze at a glance. This dark hallway will take you to the first installation called Womanhood, which is inspired by the power of women in life. This spot comes in bright pink and has lighting. Make the photos more aesthetic.

Photo Credit: Instagram

The second installation is called Intuition Space. This installation is filled with bright colors and attractive decorations, making it look unique and producing beautiful photos. As the name suggests, this spot is inspired by a very strong woman intuition. Here, you will be brought to explore the unique intuition of woman.

The next installation is Puzzle Mind, which describe the 'contents' of beautiful, yet mysterious and enigmatic women minds. In this installation there is a large bright cone, where you can take pictures in it. This spot is painted in dark black with lightning paintings on the left and right. Once photographed, the combination creates a hard image, but still looks beautiful, like a woman's mind.

The fourth spot is Mind Sanctuary. Here, Poze illustrates women's minds that are not only complicated, but also have calm side. This installation looks bright thanks to the soothing pastel colors, producing unique and cute photos.

The last installation is Dynamic Chemical. This spot adapted the light painting camera trick. Yes, here you can paint with the light. Inside, there are tumbler lights and Instagramable neon. This installation invites you to make decisions without having to worry about other people's opinions. Just be yourself!

Poze x Mario Photographie is open to public at Neo Soho Mall on the 3rd floor. The Instagramable Museum in Jakarta officially operated from November 16, 2019 to February 15, 2020. Visitors can enjoy all the installations and take pictures as they want by paying tickets starting from Rp. 90,000 for regular tickets, Rp 180,000 for VIP tickets, Rp 550,000 for Family Pack, and Rp 1,500,000 for Special Photo Moments. Tickets can be purchased online at

Top Photo Credit: Instagram

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.