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Procedures for Your First Flight

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13, December 2019

Holiday season is just counting the days, do you have a plan to go on far vacation or maybe to abroad? If so, maybe there are still many of you who have never been on a flight before and are still confused about how to take a flight. Take it easy! Because Check In Jakarta will share the steps for those who will have a first flight.

1. Find Out Baggage Regulation
When traveling, you must carry items such as bag or suitcase along with all your needs in it. Therefore, it’s very important to find out about the baggage regulation on the airline that you choose, it’s quite possible that each airline applies different baggage policy.

Check whether your airline provides free baggage, and what’ss the maximum weight of baggage per person. This is important so you don’t carry excess baggage and don’t need to spend more money. In addition, you also need to know what items are allowed into the plane cabin, and what’s not allowed.

2. Come Early
If you are going to travel by plane, it’s highly recommended to arrive at the airport one or two hours before your departure. This applies to anyone who wants to take a flight. Arrive early will make you feeling calm because you’ll not miss the flight, and can prepare everything before entering the plane.

3. Knowing Your Departure Terminal
This is also the most important point. The terminal is the only way you can get into the plane, if you get to the wrong terminal it’ll be very detrimental to you. If you don't know where your departure terminal is, you can see it on your ticket. To be sure, you can ask the officers at the airport, they will be happy to help you. Please note, each flight departure and arrival has a different terminal.

4. Check-in
The next step is to check in. Now, you can check in online on your airline's website. But if you are still unsure, you can check-in manually at the counter. It’s very easy, go to the your plane check-in counter, then show the ticket and your ID card and passport if you are going abroad. After check-in, you’ll get a boarding pass which you must show to get on the plane.

5. Boarding
After checked in and getting your boarding pass, you are required to enter the waiting room to wait for your flight. You can see which gate you have to go to wait for your plane in your boarding pass. Don't forget to knowing your departure and boarding time as well! When the plane arrives, prepare your ID card for boarding to the plane. Get on the plane and sit in a seat with the number listed on your boarding pass. Don't get the wrong seat!

6. Listen to the Cabin Crew Instructions
If you are on the plane, listen carefully to the cabin crew's instructions. If you carry things to the cabin, make sure all your luggage is in place. If you have trouble getting your luggage into the cabin, don't hesitate to ask the cabin crew for help. Also pay attention to every practiced movement by the cabin cre, so you really understand what to do if something unexpected happens.

7. Take Your Baggage
After the plane landing, if you leave your baggage in the trunk, you must pick it up at the baggage claim, by first matching your flight number or your home city with the information written on the screen of each belt to avoid misplacing it.

Re-check baggage number that’susually affixed to your boarding pass and given at check-in. Remember again and check back what items you left in the baggage, so as not to be confused with other passenger baggage or if there’s a lost item you can immediately report it.

However, if you don’t leave your luggage at check-in at the airport, then you can immediately go out and no need to stop by Baggage Claim. Remember, if you are still in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask for help to the officer at the airport. Have a safe flight!

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