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Profitable Businesses Ideas if You Had 5 Million Rupiah

By Eskanisa R

02 December 2020

Start small businesses for beginners.

Photo source: Pixabay
During this difficult time, everyone may have dreams to run their own small businesses, making profit to pay the bills. Unfortunately, most of them also have literally no money. For those who have great opportunity to run their businesses, here are profitable ideas you can try with five million rupiah.

1. Sell Used Clothing
Nowadays, term of thrifting has been widely discussed among netizens. To go shopping at thrift store or flea market where you will find gently used items at affordable prices help to reduce fast fashion and clothing waste. Besides, you will find good shape items at discounted prices, lower than the new ones which makes people becoming more environmentally-conscious for their friendly lifestyle.
If you are interested to run this small business, be sure all used clothes you sell in good condition including colours, have no signs of flaws, and still have lifespan for next three years. Also be sure to wash them immediately and ironed to smooth any wrinkle. Give a right price comparing to the new ones. Write down all the condition in detail to keep customer happy. Last but not least, have a promote plan and promoting your products using all social media and e-commerce you have.

2. Snack Bouquet
The actual bouquet associated with flowers, but now crafting skills on paper have always been evolving in more creative form. Snack bouquet is a perfect small business for those who trying to earn some extra income with small funds.
You can create unique snack bouquet that captures every wish of your buyers want for any special moments including birthday, graduation, anniversary, mother’s day and so forth.
The creativity plays key role in this business success. There are a lot of tutorials you can check online to make simple to intricate and complex bouquet. Wrapping techniques, colour combination, decorations like ribbons or greeting cards are components of attention as well as important stuffs including glue gun, masking tape, paper glue, cardboard and markers.    
Don’t forget to discover all the possible ways to promote your business on social media. Also attract more buyers to your products by offering a special price.

3. Food Packaging
Last but not least profitable is food packaging. It simply because, design of the packaging is the image of company (brand identity). Besides ensuring food are safe to eat, unique attractive packaging create instant recognition as well as persuade people to buy.
There are three types of food packaging in general, food grade and non-food grade packaging, mini boxes (made of cardboard), and plastic mica. For food grade, it using water and oil resistant, while non-food grade ones marked with gray colour on the inside and white on the outside added with paper or plastic before used (for food).

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