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Promising Small Business Ideas for Couple to Marry

By Eskanisa R

25 November 2019

Promising business ideas for couple to marry in this near future.

Getting married, have own family with your other half is dream for most people still. When you are decided to get married, especially in the near future, it is important to have financial plan to fulfil your needs for reception and so on. These are promising small business ideas you can run with your other half to earn some extra money for wedding.

1. Reseller

First example of promising small business ideas you can run with small amount of money even not at all is reseller. You can be reseller for various products people really need or at least raising the roof right now, for example, you can sell veils, clothes, phone cases and so forth which already have their own big demands. In other words, sell products people cannot live without. Right after you choose perfect products, you can start selling from friend, neighbour, and wider communities (online).

2. Laundry

Welcoming rainy season like this, most people use laundry services to take care of their clothes for practical reason. You can take that advantage to run small laundry business with your other half. Things that you need to consider are location (must be strategic one), price (must be competitive with other laundry services), and services including pick-up and delivery.

3. Phone Credit Seller

Last but not least, phone credit seller. You can sell various phone credits from popular operators such as Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, SmartFren and so on which can be your extra bag for money if you are consistent. Along with phone credits, you can also offering electric tokens, online game vouchers, digital wallet top-ups such as OVO and Go-Pay.



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