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Protect Yourself and Other from Coronavirus with This Application

By Eskanisa R

19 July 2020

Let's protect our loved ones with this app.

Photo source: PeduliLindungi
To prevent for getting and spreading COVID-19, Ministry of Communication and Information Republic of Indonesia was established PeduliLindungi that can be downloaded for free through App Store and PlayStore.
As quoted from official website of PeduliLindungi, this free application was developed to help government to stop COVID-19 in Indonesia by tracking location of users to find out if users have contact with COVID-19 patients while travelling or going outside the homes.
After downloading PeduliLindungi, users are asked to put their full name and phone number. It is important to note and ensure that the number you out on application is still active. It because can affect whole registration process. Then, you will be given on OTP code for verification.
After verification, this application require Bluetooth and GPS accesses. GPS to identify travel history, while Bluetooth used to connect with other users in same (Bluetooth) range to share information.
Though, user data can only be accessed if there is a risk of getting COVID-19, then will be directly contacted by medical staff for further process. In other words, the confidentiality of user personal data is safe.
This application is highly expected to help users who may not be able to remember they travel history and with whom they have physical contact to prevent for getting and spreading COVID-19.

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