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Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta Provides Decent Hotel for Medical Personnel

By Isny Dewi R

29 March 2020

The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta provides comfortable and suitable accommodations for medical personnel who treat COVID-19 patients in Jakarta.

The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta through its Regional owned enterprises (BUMD), PT. Jakarta Tourisindo (JAKTOUR) provides comfortable and suitable accommodations for medical personnel who treat COVID-19 patients in Jakarta. This policy is conveyed by the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan at City Hall, in Central Jakarta, on Thursday (3/26).

"The front guard in dealing with COVID-19 is the medical team; they work the hardest, and have the greatest risk. Some of them also feel the need not to go home, for fear of returning home at risk. DKI Jakarta Provincial Government starts preparing facilities today. Hotel for medical personnel, for they staying at Grand Cempaka Hotel owned by DKI Provincial Government," explained Anies.

For the first stage, the medical personnel from Pasar Minggu Hospital and Tarakan Hospital have occupied the Grand Cempaka Hotel as a place to stay and rest starting Thursday morning (3/26). They were picked up directly using Transjakarta Buses in stages.

"This morning, starting from the first batch of Pasar Minggu Hospital and Tarakan Hospital, there were 138 medical personnel who have utilized the place at Grand Cempaka Hotel. There are 220 rooms in the room, 414 beds available. The capacity is quite large. Besides preparing a comfortable place to live, food also prepared, and we receive support from various parties, "Anies added.

As is known, 50 medical workers in Jakarta have been exposed to the Covid-19, and two of them were dead. This happened in 24 hospitals throughout Jakarta.

"That's why support for medical personnel is absolutely needed. First for protection, we all prepare PPE. Then the Covid test, a rapid test that the test kit is owned; now prioritized for all medical personnel. So they can be calm and also if there are initial symptoms, they can quickly be treated," continued Anies.

President Director of JAKTOUR, Novita Dewi explained that the related medical personnel were asked to fulfill several requirements in order to be able to utilize this facility. "The health worker got a letter of introduction from the hospital and coordinated with DKI Jakarta Health Office. So we have stages, the first stage starts at Grand Cempaka Bisnis for Tarakan Regional Hospital and Pasar Minggu Hospital. The second phase for other hospitals, and the third phase we will open for hospitals other than RSUD," she explained.

In addition, JAKTOUR will also conduct Covid-19 test for hotel employees to ensure that no one who enters the hotel gets infected. The procedure is carried out, from the entrance to the person exiting. JAKTOUR also provides a disinfectant chamber for medical personnel and another chamber for others. Every day, hotel rooms are also sprayed with disinfectants when they are empty.

Photo credit: Instagram @aniesbaswedan

The following facilities are provided at Grand Cempaka Business Hotel, including:

1. Bedroom
2. Toiletries
3. Room cleaning service by spraying disinfectant every day
4. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
5. Free flow of drinks
6. Shuttle from the hospital to the hotel by Transjakarta bus
7. 24-hour customer care services
8. Counseling with Psychologists and Sports facilities

In addition to Grand Cempaka Business, DKI Jakarta Provincial Government is also preparing three other hotels that will be the residence of medical personnel, including d'AAcici Alhijra Cempaka Putih, dAAcici Hotel Sunter, and D'AAcici Hotel Plumpang.

Top photo credit: Instagram @aniesbaswedan

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