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Puma Select Offers Collaborative Collections of World Designers

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16, October 2019

Are you a fan of German international branded shoes Puma? If so, then you need to visit the outlet located in Pacific Place, South Jakarta. The store, called Puma Select, is the first in Southeast Asia. Puma Select specifically offers collection of collaborations with several world designers.

One of them that you can find at Puma Select Pacific Place is the PUMA X SOPHIA WEBSTER collection. For its third season, this collection of women shoes brings together sophistication and sparkle in a vibrant design that draws inspiration from 80s sports and dancewear.

For a bolder model, Puma Select also released a prominent Chinatown Market with fun graphics, and cheeky prints. Influenced by retro basketball, the first iteration of PUMA x CHINATOWN MARKET is meant to have a DIY feel as if it was made and customized by hand.

There is also a collection of PUMA x KARL LAGERFELD. This collection offers collaboration of sportswear and fashion. The athletic looks are fused with haute couture, as well as classic styles that are given a modern, luxurious edge. The PUMA x KARL LAGERFELD collection offers unconventional details, color bars, and bold graphics. The perfect blend of street and sophistication.

The reason why Puma's collaboration deserves to be the first choice in this outlet, is because Puma never carelessly chooses who will collaborate with them and the resulting product follows the latest style. As for the target, Puma Select is eyeing the sneakerheads and modern young people. With outlets specializing in collaboration items, Puma Select believes fans of Puma will feel they have exclusive choices.



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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.