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Pura Aditya Jaya, an Exotic Balinese Temple in Jakarta

By Isny Dewi R

28 Aug 2019

Pura Aditya Jaya, a Balinese temple in Rawamangun area.

Do you know that Jakarta has a religious tourism site which is also a place of worship for Hindus? It’s Pura Aditya Jaya Rawamangun. There are at least four interesting things should know about this place if you want to visit. What are those? Here is the review.

1. See Nyepi Celebration
Nyepi celebration at this temple is carried out by Hindus who live around the temple. According to Brahmacarya Bhargawa Chaitanya, quoted from, actually Hindus in Pura Aditya Jaya area do Nyepi in their own homes. However, to get the real Nyepi nuance, they finally chose to celebrate Nyepi at this temple.

Apart from Nyepi, this temple is also routinely used for the Saraswati Holy Day Celebration. Every Sunday, usually the Aditya Jaya Temple is crowded by Hindus who live in Jakarta to worship and gather fellow Hindus.

2. Feel the Balinese Atmosphere
Still according to Brahmacarya, many visitors who come to this temple not only want to worship, but also to enjoy the Balinese atmosphere which is quite strong in the temple area. The area in the Pura Aditya Jaya is indeed similar in architecture to temples in Bali. This can be seen from the fairly large temple area, Balinese-style buildings, and the many banyan trees around the temple.

3. Taste the Typical Balinese Cuisine
On the outside of the temple, there is some food stalls that serve a variety of delicious Balinese dishes, such as boiled pork rice, betutu chicken, duck ares, satay wrap, pork satay, lawar, tum bali to Bali sliced ​​chili sauce. There is even a food stall here that has been operating since 1990. In addition to food stalls, around the temple there is also a shop that sells various kinds of Hindu ceremonial equipment, to a shop that sells various books about Hinduism.

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4. Exotic Temple Ornaments
One of the ornaments at Pura Aditya Jaya that is so charming is Padmasana Agung. The ornament is one of the ornaments from the main building in this temple. Padmasana Agung looks exotic, because there is a pool surrounding it. Another ornament that is no less exotic is the Deity of the Goddess Saraswati. Ornaments in the form of statues are considered as the most sacred ornaments in Pura Aditya Jaya Rawamangun. Reporting from the Bali Express website, the location of this statue is in the main area of ​​the temple mandala, precisely behind the small temple on the right wing of the temple. The statue is a symbol of Goddess Saraswati who is considered as a Goddess of Science.



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