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Purwadhika Startup School Ambition to Promote IT Industry in Indonesia

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21, January 2019

Founded with a vision to make Indonesia as one of the world's leading information technology industries, while at the same time wanting to promote international IT industry, Purwadhika Startup and Coding School is present as an educational institution that focus on education in the fields of Startup, Coding, and the Internet of Things.

For those wanting to set up an IT startup company but don't have an IT background, technical expertise, co-founder, and mentorship, Purwadhika provides a Startup Fast Track program. There is also a Job Connector program to produce software developers who next can be channeled to work in startup companies or others.

There are two primary programs that Purwadhika Startup and Coding School has to offer, Startup Training and Startup Incubation. Startup Training is the stage of education and massive knowledge about building a startup. Whereas Startup Incubation is participants who has completed Startup Training program and will be helped to realize building a real startup with several selected teams.

Purwadhika also offers an Internet of Things (IoT) program that is intended for industry players, teenagers, or children who want to know how the internet can be connected in everyone's daily life and business. The company provides a Coding for Teens program, where teens can learn to be innovative. This short course allows them to increase their creative side and encourage their motivation to become the next innovator.

With these programs, Purwadhika hopes can produce the best IT entrepreneurs, as well as reliable Software Developers who can support the startup ecosystem in Indonesia.

Purwadhika itself was originally an information technology training institution that offers educational programs in the fields of hardware design, software design, as well as network & communication design for young engineers, government institutions, national to international companies, and also for the wider community who want to learn more about computers.


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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.