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A Not-that Noisy Bar

A Not-that Noisy Bar

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Are you one of those nightlife lovers, but don't like noisy just like the normal nightclub? Then you should take time to visit Queen's Head before the sun goes down. Isn't that sounds weird? Yes it is, but not completely weird. Because inside the pub and bar is truly comfortable to enjoy your afternoon. There is an eclectic spot and looking good at the right side of the room with Marocco style. You can sit while have warm talking with your close friends or the loved ones here.

If you are looking for a refreshment after work, then you have to try their cold pressed juice. You can choose Energy or Green Spring. Energy is a combination of strawberry, orange, and lime, with dominant taste of strawberry. While Green Spring is a mix of pineapple, green apple, as well as lemon and refreshing mint.

The bar might left its British bar concept, but it doesn't mean they no longer have wide range of drinks on their menu. Even they have a special book menu of their drink collection.

Photo Source: @queensheadjkt

For the food, you can choose their Duck Duo. The menu is 'the pair' of duck breast with slow cooking technique, and braised duck leg. Yam puree, lentils, and wine gastrique also complete this pleasure. The meat is so tender and not fishy. The ingredients taste good. Even you're not a duck lover, you will not feel sorry for eat this Duck Duo.

For the dessert, chocolate soil with banana puree and lime gel is the perfect one. It named Milk Chocolate Parfait. Banana and chocolate are still being the favorite pair for us, and those can be found at this dessert. The lime gel may not much, but it is enough to balancing the creamy taste of the chocolate banana as the highlight.

Photo Source: @ueensheadjkt

At the end of the room, there is a dining area with twilight shade. If you want to dine in comfortable atmosphere, then this area is perfect for you. Another impressive option is their outdoor area in the back whick looks alike tropical parks in South America. The coast trees are side by side with cheerful-paste chairs, as well as long sofa at the corner of the area. Because its unique design, many people make this place as their venue for small occasion, like birthday party, bridal shower, etc.


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