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The Delicacy of Nostalgic Ice Cream

The Delicacy of Nostalgic Ice Cream

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Luigie Ragusa and Vincenzo Ragusa arrived in Batavia in 1930s to learn to sew in Central Jakarta area. After graduated, the brothers moved to Bandung and met a European woman who had a cow farm and gave a lot of milk to them. From that milk, their creations born which now being Jakarta’s most favorite legendary ice cream, Ragusa Italian Ice Cream.

Ragusa was firstly opened in 1932. The interior and architecture is in Art Deco style just like a colonial style.

Vintage photos that show the history of Ragusa Ice Cream decorate the room beautifully. The authentic and classic ambience will make you feel like going back to the old Jakarta.

There are some ice cream varieties, such as chocolate, vanilla, mocha, strawberry, nougat, durian fruit, and rum raisin. There are also combinations of ice cream that you can taste here.

Try their well-known Spaghetti Ice Cream. The specialty of ice creams in Ragusa is on their ingredients and traditional-making process. They use fresh milk to make the ice creams with soft texture and no preservatives.

With affordable price, no wonder Ragusa catches everyone’s attention in nostalgic ambience.


Jalan Veteran I, No. 10 Gambir Jakarta Pusat Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10110


(021) 3849123

Operational Hours

Senin-Minggu 10.00-22.30 WIB