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Rainbow Colors at Sudirman Station Alley

Rainbow Colors at Sudirman Station Alley


You will see something different when walking on the bridge to Sudirman Station from Jl. Sudirman. This bridge looks more colorful thanks to an installation of colorful threads that decorating the alleyway. This installation made by Aling Aling Pelangi from Parametr Architecture which is a part of Jakarta Architecture Triennale 2015 event held by Association of Architects Indonesia (AAI) Jakarta. This event also has exhibition, talk show, workshop, movie screening, and architecture activities just like the installation that Aling Aling Pelangi made.

The purpose of Aling Aling Pelangi’s installation is as a divider to discipline the pedestrian path, to give a delight atmosphere rather than a monotone one, and also carrying the local tradition because the installation is an interpretation from Indonesia’s traditional weaving silk. On this alley, you can also read messages hanging from above. This can also be an attractive selfie spot!