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Ramadan and Idulfitri WhatsApp Special Edition Stickers for Indonesia

By Isny Dewi R

18 May 2020

A cross-platform messaging WhatsApp has recently released new sticker for the special edition of Ramadan and Idulfitri in Indonesia. The cute stickers are a WhatsApp collaboration with a local illustrator Diela Maharanie, who’s famous for her sunny and colorful illustrations.

WhatsApp APAC Director of Communication, Sravanthi Dev, said that during the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people using WhatsApp to connect with their colleagues, family and friends, compared to before the pandemic.

"We are pleased to be working with Diela Maharanie to create special stickers for the Ramadan edition in Indonesia," Sravanthi said in a written statement, quoted from

This initiative is WhatsApp's first collaboration in creating Ramadan-themed stickers especially for Indonesia. The stickers that are presented with some images of the tradition of Ramadan that is closely attached to Indonesians to bring joy during Ramadan and Idulfitri.

"We hope that users enjoy these stickers to stay connected with loved ones in carrying out Ramadan and Idulfitri together from their homes," said Sravanthi.

Diela Maharanie expressed her happiness over the special collaboration. She said she was happy to collaborate with WhatsApp in making this sticker in the hope that it would inspire the spirit of Ramadan while still #stayinghome.

"Hopefully this sticker can be an alternative to erase the distance while at home with the closest people," said Diela. "Also a reminder that we are together in the face of pandemic and hope the situation will soon get better."

To use it, you can install it from Play Store. In the "Search" bar, type #pakestikerwhatsapp offered by After it's finished downloaded, click Open. Automatically, the Ramadhan and Idulfitri sticker made by Diela will be added to your WhatsApp app.

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WhatsApp Stiker Edisi Ramadan dan Idulfitri Khusus untuk Indonesia