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Various Events to Enliven Central Park and Neo Soho Anniversary

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
07, September 2018

To celebrate 9th Anniversary of Central Park and 2nd Anniversary of Neo Soho, during September, there will be various events to spoil both Central Park and Neo Soho visitors. Epic Anniversary “Tribute to 9th & 2nd Extraordinary Anniversary” will be held on September 7 – 30, 2018.

“We have a tight event in these two malls, Central Park and Neo Soho. There is a collaboration, prize draw, shopping program, tons of fun activities you should not miss,” said Welly Adi, representative of Central Park and Neo Soho at press conference of Epic, at Six Degrees Tribeca Park, Central Park, Thursday, September 6th 2018.

Central Park offering shopping spree programs such as 9 Epic Deals – Shop & Raffle, 9K on Sweets, Tasty 20K and 200K Anniversary Bonus, also non-stop entertainment enliven by Indonesian celebrities. On Saturday, September 8, 2018, Neo Soho Mall presents Kids Fashion Runway with unique theme, #KIDSJAMANNOW that enliven by Maisa Kanna and DJ Kaisoe featuring Gavyn Percussion.

While on September, 7 – 9, 2018, Central Park and Neo Soho Mall collaborated with Mobiliari Group present Hitsss Festival 2018. Offering interesting theme, “Celebrating Creativity as a Currency’, this festival will be enliven by most awaited activities, such as live art, bazaar, workshop, talk show and awarding night.

Epic Anniversary presents Fashion Runway from 6 well-known designers, firework shows as collaboration with Aquarius Musikindo and followed by BCL and JFlow performance also closing performance by Melantai.

“On September, 9th, there will be epic performances from Afgan, Marcel, Dance tonight, Melantai, Randy Pandugo, Rizky Febian and Diskopantera as well as popular local designers. We also collaborated with partner of opening and closing Asian Games, so there will be 9000 firework shoots, 900 balloons filled with thousands voucher, just non-stop entertainment.” said Welly.

Other events you should not miss in Epic Anniversary are Miniso Festival, Grand Prize Extra Rewards Extra Prizes, Art & Photography Workshop by Hitsss Festival, Pop Art Retro Festival collaboration with Project Kooka and Inbeks Event, YouTube Fanfest, Picnic Over Tribeca and Kiddofest x Eco Market.

“We would like to invite fellow celebrities become influencers and do donate to, the largest donation will be given to (build schools) in Sumba. And these are fellow friends going to ask you make a donation. There will be a bazaar on September, 19 – 23 by celebrity and dozens tenant. I think this one is such a good idea, in case of dollar is raising the roof, better to purchase more local products. There is also prelove session, popular celebrity cakes, lots of prelove celebrity stuff, all will be given to our friends in Sumba.” said Indra Bekti, Founder of Inbeks Event.

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani