4 Reasons Why Jakartans Get Overly-Attached of Cellphones

4 Reasons Why Jakartans Get Overly-Attached of Cellphones


A lot of surveys show that Jakarta’s people would rather leave their wallet than their cellphones. It is true that cellphone seems like the most important thing than any other stuff now. What are the reasons behind it?

1. Smartphone = Work
Now, it is like all data is saved in smartphone. Even smartphone can function as the USB sometimes. Also for saving the client and coworker contacts, unlike when we only have regular phones before, now cellphone is the one and only information source of important people in work. The email feature is also the most important factor of why people should bring smartphone everywhere.

2. For Mind Distraction
At some moments, smartphone is very functional to distract our minds. For example, when you are queuing in a bank or waiting for a meeting. The smartphone with its various features like browser, social media, and games, are the features people like to use to kill time and distract their minds.

3. Entertainment in The Middle of Traffic Jam
As we know, Jakarta’s traffic jam can increase someone’s stress level. That is why the Jakarta’s people should keep their smartphone in hand. The music player and radio can be the source of entertainment and also a stress reliever when it comes to the traffic jam.

4. The Habit of Following Trends
Unconsciously, Jakarta’s people have the tendency of being a competitive society and always socially active. Through smartphone, they can quickly get the latest news and trends in social media. So when they meet their circles, they will not miss the nowadays trending topics.