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Reasons Why Financial Planning Is Important

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14, November 2018

Financial planning is important as it is the basis for all future business activities. With the help of financial planning, you can prioritize and work on your business goals. If you aren't tracking your cash flow, your debt could be growing without you even realizing it. This also helps you achieve organizational targets and goals and plan for your business development.

You don’t need to be wealthy to reap a lot of money. The universal goal of financial planning is to create an ongoing process that will reduce your stress about money, support your current needs, and build a nest egg for retirement. Listed below are a few reasons why financial planning is important.

1. Secures Financial Conditions
Long-term financial goals need security and that can only be provided by taking an insurance plan. For a long-term financial goal, you need to think about the continuity of savings you need to do for that particular time period to achieve that goal, keeping in mind any mishappening which can occur during that stage. A planned goal always helps you in evaluating your insurance need, which helps in getting a cover for your liabilities.

Setting aside money for future emergencies and boosting your retirement funds. Quoted from quicken, ideally putting between 10 – 25% of your income. Once you do these things, you can start thinking about things like saving for a home down payment or putting money away for your children's education.

2. Reduce Debt Risk
If you have planned properly for your future goals like going on a vacation, you need not have to use your credit card or take a loan, which eventually increases your liability. In fact, prior savings will help you in growing your financial assets so that you could easily afford to go out for a vacation without opting for a debt or paying long-term loan. Small trips can be planned every two-three years if financial matters are planned properly.

3. Increasing Net Worth
While doing financial planning, your cash flows are properly managed from time to time which is analyzed in such a way that it should not get negative at any point of time while planning your future financial goals. This process helps in building your assets without increasing your liabilities (over and above your income level), which in-turn increases your net worth over a period of time.

4. Improves Your Standard of Living
People who do financial planning and save money as per their financial goals are able to accumulate enough wealth for leading a comfortable life. Every goal, whether it is buying a house or buying a car, increases your net worth and upgrades your standard of living. A financial goal helps you grow your money in a logical and planned way.

5. Guilt-free Spending
Why not plan your monthly budget on a regular basis when it is a daily routine of your life? Many of us do not plan for it because of which we come into the category of spendthrifts, where your expenses exceed your savings and therefore, you are not able to plan for a financial goal. Planning helps in avoiding unnecessary expenses which you tend to make during an unplanned monthly budget.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.