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Reasons Why People are Afraid to Invest

By Eskanisa R

10 March 2020

Reasons why people are afraid to invest their money.

Nowadays, there are a lot of investment types but unfortunately people are afraid to invest. And here are the reasons why people are afraid to invest their money.

1. Should Have Large Capital to Invest

“Investment requires large capital.” A lot of people are still believe that wrong thought. There are a lot of investment types can even be started with small capital like Tokopedia Emas, an easy and affordable way to invest gold.

Every gram of gold you buy with Tokopedia Emas will be converted into physical form and entrusted to Pegadaian. The advantage of Tokopedia Emas itself beside offering affordable prices is you can buy and sell in lowest nominal (minimum) Rp500.

2. Small Interest

As time goes by, money value always affected by inflation. It cannot be justified if investment give you small interest. If you do investment early, little by little with good consistency, it will give you result. For example, you have Rp100.000, if you invest that money, it probably gain to Rp100.100. But, if you keep the money and do not invest, it still 100.000.

3. Lose Money

This one is not entirely wrong when you are talking about investment, however, it does not mean you have no answer for that barrier. You need to choose investment that work well. Before you decided to invest, you need to prepare emergency fund. Do not afraid to take risks. Choose safe instrument such as gold. Learning the advantages and disadvantages of investment you choose.



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