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Reasons Why Photography Enthusiasts Should Buy Huawei P30 Pro

By Eskanisa R

16 May 2019

Huawei P30 Pro satisfy photography enthusiasts with great cameras.

It seems, like every month, there always newest, tempting smartphone come with excellent features. This time come from Huawei, a smartphone vendor from China, provides newest smartphone named P30 Pro with four main Leica cameras, main camera is 40MP, ultra-wide 20MP, 8MP telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom and 10x hybrid zoom also its excellent front camera.

The optical zoom feature on P30 Pro is very useful if you want to take photo from afar. Do not need to approach the object, this feature also helps to maintain photo quality even you use in maximize zoom. The result looks stunning, P30 Pro just offers high-resolution pictures. What’s more interesting? You can also use it up to 50x digital zoom.

The zoom capabilities of P30 Pro are no doubt, it also offers you great feature ever, the Night Mode. This feature allows you to take a bunch of photos in the night with best results. Even you take all of them in low light conditions, it still looks outstanding, sharp not blurry. It only take five seconds when using Night Mode to make great photos at the night.

Last but not least, to optimize their cameras, Huawei P30 Pro can record two videos at the same time. Dual Recording feature allows you to record videos with two different perspectives, one video recorded with zoom mode and other videos recorded with normal mode at the same time.