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Reasons Why You Are Waking Up Tired

By Eskanisa R

22 September 2020

This chronic condition could lead to a change in health risk.

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One of the essential thing for well-being during COVID-19 pandemic is boost the immune system with improving sleep. Sleep is a complex process that provides energy to your brain and body (recovery process). But, if you ever feel tired when you wake up after a full night of sleep? It could be these following important steps due recovery process interrupted.

1. Sleep Patterns
At both short and long rest may have an effect on someone’s mood and mental health. It is not just how much sleep you get at night, either 7 or 8 hours, but how restful that sleep is. As reported by Medical News Today, one indicator of healthy sleep quality is how long it take you to fall asleep. Drifting off in 30 minutes or less is generally an indicator of high-quality sleep. In addition related to going to bed, it is better not too late and too early.
Do not trying to catch-up for not getting enough sleep during the week by sleep all day long on the weekend. Paying sleep debt on the weekend because you are not getting enough rest will probably change your internal biological clocks. Those who remained sleep-deprived across a weekend without catch-up sleep should take short naps for 20 – minutes to release sleepiness without affect biological clocks.

2. Sleep with Mouth Open
You may not realize that you are sleeping with mouth open. This habit, to sleep with mouth open can cause health problems including weakened immune system, cavities, and elevated blood pressure. This habit also cause a person to breathe through mouth instead of nose which weakened the supply of oxygen. If you develop low blood oxygen levels, you feel tired and unpleasant fatigue comes more. When it comes to sleep, take proper pillows and good sleeping positions to avoid mouth open. Avoid using too high and stiff pillows to prevent unnecessary strain.

3. Stress
It is undeniable that Coronavirus causing millions people lose sleep. People tend to get less sleep than they need caused by stress. Stress and sleepless lead to one of most common sleep disorder, hyperarousal that occurs when person’s body suddenly kicks into high alert as a result of stress (trauma). Feeling of unease, tired, anxious, less excited and being unable to concentrate can be the result of hyperarousal.

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