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Reasons Why You Are Wasting Money without Realizing While #StayAtHome

By Eskanisa R

04 November 2020

Trivial things you waste money on.

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You are always on the lookout for ways to save more money during this pandemic, but also probably waste your money regularly. There is a bunch reasons why you can’t stay right on the budget while staying at home just like we listed down below.

1. Too Lazy to Cook
You order food easily in might feel like quickest and easiest way instead of cooking for yourself. In fact, ordering food is probably the main reason to waste your money without you realizing it. Especially amid the coronavirus pandemic, people became addicted to food delivery and takeout.
When you prepare your own meals, you definitely have more control over your budget. Moreover, cooking also help you to improve mood and resilience to stress dealing with uncertainty.

2. Online Shopping
The ease of purchasing vary items online cannot be denied. Most of websites appreciate customers by giving big discount and free delivery. Unfortunately, that addiction also waste your money you don’t think about. It is definitely quite pleasant while scrolling the webs and put your items on the carts and ended by purchasing unnecessary items. Later, you realize spent that money for nothing.

3. Electricity Consumption
You don’t need spare money for transport while working remotely from home. But, the electricity consumption has seen growth. Due to the high attention required while working at home, you can control all your devices including turn off your air conditioner when you stay at home and let your windows or door open or simply make schedule for laundry to decrease energy use (washing machine) that do work in many households.

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