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Reasons Your Gallons Water Are Not Safe to Drink

By Eskanisa R

13 September 2020

Double check before you buy.

Photo source: Pixabay
A lot of people choose to drink gallons water than cooking or boiling water themselves. Drinking from gallon surely convenient compared to cooking one. It also tends to has better tasting. Unfortunately, not all gallons water are suitable for consumption because chemical contamination. Here are reasons why your gallons water are not safe to drink.

1. Reduce Volume
The simplest way to find your water are safe is the volume. If you find the volume fits the standard, your water safe to drink. But, if you find any decreasing volume, it probably leaking and leave the rest of water contaminated.

2. Colour Change
Safe water has no colour (clear). If your find dirt or colour is changed, it surely that your gallons water are not safe to drink. It can be caused by tiny particles your naked eyes cannot see.

3. Exposed to Sunlight
Chemical reactions due to sun exposure on the surface of gallons affect the quality of its water. Ultraviolet (UV) are able to degrade polymers in plastics (gallons). Hence, monomer chain forms the polymers can be broken and contaminated the water. Contaminated water has weird, sulphur-like taste and smell.

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