Reasons Your Salary Always Running Out Before End of the Month

Reasons Your Salary Always Running Out Before End of the Month


Your savings balance is getting lower by the end of the month? In the midst of confusion, you are probably thinking so hard and ended by asking yourself, ‘Where is my money gone?’ despite of that, you did unimportant things that you cannot remember, like these reasons.

1. Spend your money after payday

Meanwhile you have long career, doing financial planning is not easy thing to do. If there is so many debts you should pay every month. It will be better if you save some money right after payday, just do not save your remaining money.

It requires a high discipline, you also need to consider is your salary suit your lifestyle or not, highly recommended to save at least 20% from your salary as investment or savings. Actually, it does not matter if you want to pamper yourself with your salary, but make sure if your salary suit your lifestyle. If your salary only enough to pay some debts, it will be better to set the priority, your debt or lifestyle.  

2. Untrack living expenses

You probably think that it is unnecessary thing to do, write down any living expenses you spend, especially for those who think that they can remember all things well. Do you realize that bad habit form yourself as a wasteful people than other people who always write down any living expenses. It helps to track your daily, monthly even yearly expenses.

It also helps you to set daily, monthly and yearly expenses. From that notes, you can track where your money go, do you spend it wisely or not, do you spend it based on your priorities or not. Successfully financial planning defined by budget planning you make. Discipline, while writing down any money you spend to see significant differences you make.

3. Do not care about your future

Tempting to do some unnecessary things? Productive age tend to spend more money than they should. Some of them think that it is too early to save their money for investment. Are you one of them?

You can save some money or running into some investment early. You can either save some money, investment or saving some emergency fund with any amount of your salary, it is kind of a must, there is no reason not to do that simple things can help you by the end of the month.

It is not hard decision to save some money, because it helps you when you are running out of money in the end of the month. According to Prita Hapsari Ghozie, Financial & Business Planner, you should apply these easiest pattern:

50 – 60% for monthly expenses

20% for savings or investment

10% for emergency fund

30% (maximum) for paying debt (if you have any debt so other parts will be decreasing)