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Recommendations of Profitable Seasonal Businesses

By Eskanisa R

24 June 2019

Recommendations of Profitable Seasonal Businesses.

There is nothing wrong with glancing at the opportunities of seasonal business you can do to get some money. Even it is only run for a certain time, perfect planning and preparation are needed in order to make it profitable. Here are recommendations of seasonal business you can do in the future.

1. Event

This event refers to celebration of Indonesian independence day on August 17. Because of the great interest in buying red and white things, you can try to sell a lot of things related to Indonesian independence day, from balloons, wall decorations, flags, pins, headbands to key chains.

2. Culinary

This one is always tempting business to do. After Ramadan and Eid, you can still running this business to welcoming Christmas and New Year Eve’s. Towards the end of the month, there will be a lot of cookies sellers. People tend to buy cookies either to be consumed all alone or hampers.

Cookies itself has a lot of types, it can be adjusted by they need. Before offering your cookies, give them sampling to taste. It also aims to promote your products mouth to mouth. Give a little innovation, for example different forms, interesting packaging and so on to add value.

3. Services

There are many service businesses you can run without spending a lot of money. For example, year-end holiday, people need additional household assistant while their actual household assistant come back to hometown. Of if you are animal enthusiasts, you can also open pet care services as well as hampers and gifts businesses if you are creative enough.

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