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Recommended Delicious, Home-made, Non MSG Meatballs in West Jakarta

By Eskanisa R

23 November 2020

Rp18.000 for delicious, home-made, and non MSG meatballs.

Photo source: Oscar Ciptajaya, M.A.

Speaking about one of people favourite comfort food—meatballs—this time, Check In Jakarta invites you to taste most recommended home-made meatballs for 20 years in West Jakarta. Bakso BCA Puri Indah also known as Bakso Pakde BCA located across Puri Indah market, West Jakarta.
Snaking queues are spotted in front of its card before they open at 3 pm. This mouth-watering meatballs use same recipe over 20 years and the taste are not changing. Pak Parno said, the secret to delicious meatballs is used to make well-balanced composition of meat and flour to enchancing the flavour and texture of the meatballs. Moreover, Pak Parno use no MSG to introduce us to the flavours of aromatic beef broth.
Here you can choose vary choices of meatballs including Bakso Urat (chewy vein meatballs), Bakso Isi Telur Puyuh (quail egg stuffed meatballs), Bakso Halus (mix of beef and vein meatballs) dan Bakso Tahu (stuffed tofu) starts from Rp18.000 per portion. It also served with vermicelli, yellow noodles, mustard greens and bean sprouts. Since they have no proper dining area with tables, you can eat around the cart.

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Bakso Pakde BCA
Seberang pasar Puri Indah, Jakarta Barat

Open Hours:

15.00 – 21.00 WIB (Senin – Sabtu)

More Information:

Phone: 081329523447