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Recommended Korean Dramas to Watch Due to Quarantine

By Eskanisa R

13 April 2020

Recommended Korean dramas to be enjoyed while #DiRumahAja.

Are you a fan of Korean Drama? Or just want to killing your free time to watch Korean Drama which being talked about? Here are recommended Korean Drama you should not miss while #DiRumahAja to allow you relax and have a good time.

1. Itaewon Class

Officially aired on January 31st, you can enjoy this drama on Netflix. Itaewon Class is an adaption of webtoon comic with same title. Drama with high rating tells struggling life of Park Sae-royi (Park Seo Joon), a persistent man who seeks for revenge against CEO of Food Company because of his injustice in the past. This 16-episode drama also brings a love story between their main casts, Park Sae-royi, Oh Soo Ah (Kwon Na Ra), and Jo Yi-Seo (Kim Da-mi).

2. Memorist

This drama which aired March 11 on tvN is comeback moment for actor Yoo Seung Ho known through some best dramas such as Remember (2015), I’m not Robot (2017), and My Strange Hero (2018). Accompanied with actress Lee Se Young, Memorist tells story of a police detective, Dong Baek (Yoo Seung Ho) with ability to see memories of others. Dong Baek and Han Su Mi (Lee Se Young) as an elite criminal profiler work together to catch serial killer.  

3. I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice

Officially aired on February 24th, this drama became one of most awaited Korean dramas. It simply because Seo Kang Joon, Park Min Young, Lee Jae Wook and Kim Young Dae lined up the main casts. I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice is a romantic drama tells story of Hye Won (Park Min Young) past and trauma which makes her hard to believe others and fall in love. Every character in this drama with warm winter background has their own reason to be mysterious ‘cold’ person including Eun Seob (Seo Kang Joon), simple man owns his bookstore in Seoul who accidentally meet Hye Won. This romantic drama available on JTBC channel.

4. Kingdom Season 2

This thriller horror drama which aired March 13th on Netflix is sequel of Kingdom Season 1. Starring Bae Doo Na, Ryu Seung Ryong, and Joo Ji Hoon, the first season of Kingdom tells story of Crown Prince of Joseon dynasty, Lee Chang (Joo Ji Hoon) accused of treason after king contracted deadly epidemic disease and turned into zombie. Crown Prince tried to go outside the country to find healer who have the key of its disease. In his journey, Lee Chang facing the death, being chased by zombies also royal guards who tried to get him.

In this sequel season, Lee Chang continued his journey to find the answer behind epidemic disease attacked his country and king as well as get rid the accusations of treason against him.

5. Crash Landing on You

Another popular tvN romantic comedy drama you can enjoy on Netflix, Crash Landing on You tells about Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin), an heir of wealthy family in South Korea who had to land in North Korea due to paragliding incident. Luckily, Yoon Se Ri met North Korean officer, Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) who tried to protect and save her so she could return back to South Korea.



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