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Recommended Korean Dramas to Watch Due to Self Quarantine (Part 2)

By Eskanisa R

22 May 2020

Korean dramas on Netflix to enjoy while quarantine and #stayathome part two.

This year, Korean dramas are just like a breath of fresh air. It simply because number of most-awaited dramas which starred popular actors are available on streaming apps like Netflix. Here are the following interesting lists you can enjoy while #stayathome.

1. The King: Eternal Monarch

The most anticipated yet awaited Korean drama, The King: Eternal Monarch was the good comeback of Lee Min-ho right after three years absence from the screen. With the rising actress, Kim Go-eun who was previously known for her stunning appearance on Goblin, this drama tells about couple from two different worlds which connected through the ‘door’. With his power that help him travel to the two different world, Lee Goon (Lee Min-ho) tried to close the ‘door’. While trying close the ‘door’, he meets Jung Tae-eul (Kim Go-eun), a detective who tries hard to protect her loved ones. A line of popular actors also appears in this romantic-fantasy drama including Woo Do-hwan, Jung Eun-chae, and Kim Kyung-nam.

2. Hospital Playlist

Aired for first time on tvN and Netflix last March 12, Hospital Playlist became another most anticipated dramas. Not only a number of popular actors, but also great collaboration of director Shin Won-wo and screenwriter Lee Woo-jung which known for their masterpiece of Reply trilogies, Reply 1997, Reply 1994, and Reply 1988. Through this medical genre drama, both invites us to enjoy friendship of five doctors which played by Jo Jung-suk, Yoo Yeon-seok, Jung Kyung-ho, Jeon Mi-do and Kim Dae-myung since entering medical school in 1999 and work at the same hospital. The age of their friendship made a great intuition by only looking at each other, as if they can read each minds. The story of life and death in the hospital they work together (emergency room) will help to get rid of boredom while stay at home.

3. Extracurricular

Last but not least, another interesting drama full of plot twist is Extracurricular. This thriller/mystery drama played by young promising actor, Kim Dong-hee who previously played in Itaewon Class and Sky Castle. Kim Dong-hee plays a smart, well-behaved high school student named Oh Ji-soo. Unfortunately, behind his appropriate manner, he involved prostitution business to earn some money so he could manage to enter his dream university. Ji-soo is not the only student who committed the crime. Seo Min-hee, a bully and Ji-soo classmate played by actress Jung Da-bin also got involved.



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